Box Office Predictions

Here are my weekly box office predictions. I predict what will make money and see if I get it right.

We all know Avengers Endgame will be number one. The only question is, by how much? Well, here we go.

I am gonna go with 270-290 million. I know some are precting over 300 million, but the opening night was below the prediction of 75 million. 60 million is great, but it is below the 75 million some were predicting. Still, it will be enough for the record. Some theaters are gonna stay open all night, which may help Avengers reach 300 million, but I think this is too high to reach.

Second will be Curse of La Llorona with 10-12 million. It will hold up very well.

Third will be Captain Marvel with 6-8 million. Fourth will be Shazam with 5-7 million and Breakthrough will be fifth with 3-5 million.

Will I be right? Tell me if you think I will be right or if I am off my rocker.

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