Toughen Up Marvel Fans

I’ve seen so many Marvel fans get so defensive over anyone who has GASPED! Dared to say Avengers Endgame isn’t perfect or it isn’t that good of a movie. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Get over it. The only thing you’ll do by insulting them or attacking them is make them dislike the movie more. Engage with Intelligent dialogue, or just ignore them. Their opinion shouldn’t take away your happiness. If you love Avengers Endgame, then love it. Enjoy it and talk to others who love it.

In this big world out there, I know it’s hard to believe, but not everyone thinks alike. Oh nose!!!! Oh yes! It’s true, it’s dang true (to quote Kurt Angle). This protective cult-like mentality is making Marvel fans look nuts. Don’t get so protective over this. There are millions of people who love Avengers and nothing will change that. Peace out and enjoy.

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