Stephen King It Chaper 2 Trailer Review


1 Star: Why me?!

2 Stars: A medicore trailer

3 Stars: Solid trailer.

4 Stars: Inctedible trailer.

To say I disliked the first chapter of IT is an understatement. So, I wasn’t excited about a chapter 2. They’re doing it anyway. The trailer seems to follow the same beats as the first one sadly. Let’s get into it.

They’re Older

Now the Losers are grown and we see Beverly going into a woman’s house. Why? Who knows. She sits down to talk to the lady and we get a confusing scene. The old woman basically says something creepy and stares at Beverly for 10 seconds. She looks creepy staring at her, does Beverly make tracks? Of course not! That would require a using her brain. Something these characters seem to be foreign to.

Cheap scares again

Oh looky! We see shadows! Also, why are they trying to give Pennywise a backstory? He’s supposed to be a demon who preys on children’s fears. Not a former human who is now a demon. Oh dear lord help me I want this movie to disappear already!

The Big “Scares”

Then we hear Skarsgard’s so-called scary laugh as some scary scenes play. I don’t care or remember these scares, which is already a bad sign. He says hello at the end in his failed impersonation of Screech from Saved by the Bell which is supposed to be scary I guess? It didn’t work.

Final thoughts

If you liked the first chapter for some unknown reason, you’ll like this. If you didn’t like it like me, then you know to skip it. I will say though, the adults do a better job of acting than the kids. Which isn’t saying much, but I guess that is one good thing I can say about the trailer.

My Score: 1 Star, some confusing scenes with dumb twists and an obvious scare that doesn’t scare. I’ll pass.

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