Can Fans Be Too Tough?

In a new interview with Mashable, Natalie Portman talked about how hard it was to deal with the harsh criticism from a vocal group of Star Wars fans. Jake Lloyd said the same thing. Remember that Jake was 10 freaking years old when Star Wars Episode 1 the Phantom Menace came out, Natalie was only a teenager, so she was still a child. Some crazy fans were attacking a child and a teenager over a movie they disapproved of. How sick can you be? Mark Hamill rightfully called out this horrible behavior in an interview. It’s ok to be passionate, but this goes way too far.

You can criticize a performance without making it personal. We all gotta learn how to deal with criticism, but there is no excuse for personal attacks, especially on children. You can channel your disappointment in other ways, and not look like raving lunatics who make Freddy Kruger and Michael Mayers look sane.

I know, I tore the Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer up, but I did not attack Jim Carrey as a person, or the director. I do think the director isn’t doing a good job so far, but I am not gonna attack him personally.

Look at Ahmed Best, who did an interview with the Wrap, he talked about how suicidal he got after the nasty comments he got. Get help people, this isn’t right to do to someone who is just trying their best to entertain you.

Be more constructive on your criticisms in the future. I need to watch it myself. We all do! Be passionate, but remember, there is a human being beind the things you criticize and they do have feelings as well.


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