Mario Maker Direct! What Will Be There?

Nintendo announced that a 15 minute direct will drop tomorrow. It will be all about Mario Maker 2. What can we expect from this? I have some theories, so let’s get to it.

World Builder

Yep, I am calling it. Think about it, the file size is over 5 GB. That is twice the size of the original and it would make sense. Imagine sharing complete worlds online. That would be awesome.


I know, this isn’t a secret. Looking at the box art gives it away. I do think it will be announced tomorrow anyway to make it official.

Another Game

We know 3-D world is one of the new games we can make levels in, but I think there is one more. Can I prove it? No, but it would make sense.

Extra Characters to Use

Nintendo might put Toadette or Daisy in as playable characters.

New Power-ups

From other games. I think Nintendo might put the Toadette crown in, or maybe cappy? That one is doubtful, but you never know.

Tomorrow we will find out what will officially be in the game, so I hope some of my wild predictions come true. Mario Maker 2 is shaping up to be one of the biggest games of the year. I think what I listed will help the game, and I hope Nintendo doesn’t forget that robust games are driving the Switch. This looks like it will be one, so let’s cross our fingers. Bring it on Nintendo!


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