Joh Wick 3 Knocks Out Avengers!

John Wick 3 gave Lionsgate their biggest opening since the Hunger Games. With over 57 million, John Wick 3 is becoming a huge franchise for Lionsgate.

Avengers fell to 2nd place with 29 million. It seems like it won’t break Avatar’s record for worldwide box office champ. Still, 2.6 billion isn’t anything to sneeze at.

Detective Pikachu held up nice with 24 million. The movie has earned over 93 million in just 10 days. This will make Detective Pikachu a new franchise for Warner Bros, and it’ll become the highest grossing video game movie of all time.

Aladdin comes out next weekend. I am expecting a big 65 million opening. Some of the bad buzz has dampered the hype on it, so that will hurt the movie’s opening.


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