Pokemon Sword and Shield Look Much Better!

By Michelle Lynn Tackett

I’ve try to tell people that when you see a game for the first time that it’s not the final product, and it will look better by the time it is finished. It seems like people wear ear plugs when I tell them this. Everytime a game is shown off, people will say, “It don’t look that great.” Then the game comes out and people will go, “Wow! It looks much better.” Every time without fail. When are people learn that game development is a process and the game will look better the closer it gets to completion.

Insert Pokemon Sword and Shield. When the highly anticipated games were first shown off, we got the same old song and dance of, “It looks ok, but not as good as I thought.” Lesigh! You think they would learn. Nintendo Soup put up some new pics of Pokemon Sword and Shield and they look a lot better. The colors are crisper, the textures are cleaner and the detail is more refined. In other words, the game is getting closer to completion. People did this with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. They complained about the look, but now that is close to release, people think it looks great. Of course! The game is almost finished.

I will post the pics showing how Pokemon Sword and Shield look now. Just remember folks, when you see a game which is early in development, it will look better the closer it gets to completion. Games don’t start out looking complete, so give the developers time to polish the game, then judge the graphics. Remember, haste makes waste.

Link: https://nintendosoup.com/latest-pokemon-sword-and-shield-screenshots-reveal-improvements-to-graphics/

Photo Courtesy of: https://nintendosoup.com/latest-pokemon-sword-and-shield-screenshots-reveal-improvements-to-graphics/

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