The Nightingale Trailer Review

The Babadook was one of my favorite movies of 2014, so it is no surprise that I was looking forward to the next movie Jennifer Kent was doing. Turns out, it’s another knock out called the Nightingale. The trailer alone will send chills up your spine.

Great Scenes?

Plenty! From showing the young woman’s family trying to survive an outside attack, to her trying to befriend a slave. The moments are filled with details, great dialogue and honesty. This movie looks incredible. If Jennifer keeps this up, she will be the next James Cameron. She may take her time making a movie, but she is 2 for 2. The unflinching look at how slaves were treated and the honest dialogue raise this way above your typical horror/thriller. This is a hard trailer to watch, but it is worth it.


I will say that I think the trailer gives away one too many important plot points, but it doesn’t dampen my excitement for the movie. I really wish they wouldn’t do this, but it does tell you why she is doing this and why she seeks out help. So, I am not gonna take away from the trailer for that.

Final Thoughts

The trailer was fast, well edited and showed some great scenes. It does give a little too much away, but not enough to ruin the trailer. This is a great trailer, that is setting up one of the best movies of the year.

Rating: 4 Stars Go check the trailer out. I will post the link below.


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