Amy Adams Can’t act?!? What is Jezabell Smoking!

According to an editor who works for Jezabell. She did a list of people who she said we need to admit who can’t act. She had Adam Sandler, Vin Diesel, and Amy Adams on her list…AMY ADAMS!!! What? I can understand Sandler and Diesel, but Amy Adams? She’s been in Enchanted, Doubt, the Fighter, American Hustle and Julie and Julia. What on earth is she smoking. Give me some of that good stuff. Sheesh.

I think she did it for clicks to be honest. She got em. Amy Adams fans fought back hard on social media. She got blasted hard. If she wanted attention, she got it. Not the kind she wanted, but she got it.

The best way to handle people like her is to not click onto their Clickbait articles. Amy Adams is one of the best actors walking the planet. She is gonna go down as one of the all time best, so her list means nothing. Don’t give into the clicks people. I am not gonna link her article, I am not gonna give her what she wants.

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