Astral Chain is Going to Be A GOTY Contender

The buzz at the E3 on Astral Chain is off the hook! This game is getting rave reviews from critics and fans alike. The complex action, mixed with innovative use of magic and weapons is making this game a GOTY contender. It isn’t hard to believe, Platinum games makes it, that’s all I need to know. This game could be one of Nintendo’s next big IPs. It is simply mind blowing.

The story is gripping, the controls are spot on, the combat is smooth, there is variety, and it is huge in scope. Nintendo is taking chances again and that’s a great sign. I will put the video to the tree house events below. It is amazing how good this game looks now. It comes out August 30th and is only for the Nintendo Switch.

My Open Critic Prediction: 94 Critics will love the combat, deep game play, moving story and great art style.

Worldwide sales prediction: 5 million in 2 years. Great word of mouth will keep it in the top sellers for a long time. Nintendo has a HUGE new franchise.


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