How Will Star Wars Rise of Skywalker Do?

By Michelle Lynn Tackett

Star Wars is not as big as it used to be. The thought of a Star Wars movie coming out, drove people up the wall with excitement. This one has a lot of people worried. Will JJ pull it off? Will it be a disaster? How well will it do? Let’s find out.


The Last Jedi got rave reviews, so critics weren’t the problem. The problem was fans who were split down the middle. Some thought TLJ was the best SW movie since Empire, while others thought it was a disaster. It is hard to say how this movie will do with critics. I am gonna take a guess and say an 88 on Rotten Tomatoes. The movie does look exciting, but I wonder how critics will receive the story? That’s the big question.

Box office

It will debut huge. This is the last of the Skywalker sage and there will be lots of people curious to see how it does. I think it will do around one billion and four hundred million. I don’t think it will do as well as the Force Awakens, but it could do better than TLJ.

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Disney Dominated the Summer Is It Time To Worry?

No movie from any studio besides Disney and Marvel (even Spider-Man is Marvel, not Sony), didn’t do as expected. Toy Story 4, Lion King, Alladin, Endgame and Spiderman have dominated multiplexes this year. Movies like Godzilla, Detective Pikachu and the Secret Life of Pets 2 didn’t do as well as they were supposed to. Disney has a monopoly on multiplexes and it really isn’t good for competition or the movie industry. All Disney had to do is throw a movie out and people will see it, regardless if it is good or not. Disney is turning into a monopoly now and it should worry people.

Hopefully this will change in the coming years, but with the Avatar sequels, more Marvel movies, live action remakes and Star Wars movies, I highly doubt it.

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Will 2019 Box Office Be Looked At As Disappointing?

Last year was huge. Blackpanther, IW, Incredibles 2 and A Quiet Place lead a huge record breaking year at the box office. This year was supposed to be a bigger year at the box office. Think about it? Endgame, Godzilla, Toy Story 4, Aladdin, Detective Pikachu, Lion King, Hobbs and Shaw to name a few.

Needless to say, it hasn’t worked out the way analysis were predicting. Godzilla, Pets 2, MIB International, Detective Pikachu and Dark Phoenix haven’t done as well as expected. Detective Pikachu and Godzilla are very good, but they’ve only managed to be mild hits. Even Toy Story 4 is not gonna perform as analyst thought it was. Are people getting burned out on going to the theater? Don’t they like the movies being shown? Or, is there nothing to really get audiences excited?

Frozen 2 and Star Wars are coming this fall. Will they be enough to help the box office reach it’s record breaking heights? Or will audiences sit this one out? It maybe a downtime for movies until Avatar 2 comes out. James Cameron come save us!


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Toy Story 4 Will Be Huge It’s First Weekend: Box Office Predictions

I am going to go out on a limb and say Toy Story 4 will make 167 million this weekend. Disney seems to be the only brand to a lot of movie goers, and the great reviews TS4 is getting will carry it to a huge weekend. 2nd will be Child’s Play remake with 20 million. Curiosity will carry this for the first weekend, but if word of mouth is bad, it will sink fast. 3rd will be The Secret Life of Pets 2 with 16 million. 4th will be Alladin with 11 million. MIB International will come in 5th with 9 million.

Those are my predictions, do you think I’ll be right? Or am I off my rocker?

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Avengers Endgame Will Not Beat Avatar’s Global Box Office

After the start Avengers got, you would think that it would have beaten Avatar easily, but Endgame has fallen hard in six weeks and it looks like it is going to miss Avatar’s global box office record by 40 to 50 million. Some Endgame fans are so obsessed with Endgame beating Avatar, they are trashing the new X-Men movie, even before it comes out. This is getting out of hand. If Endgame cannot beat Avatar, then it won’t. Begging people to go see it again and trashing other movies isn’t going to work. Some Marvel fans are getting out of hand with this obsession of beating James Cameron for what he said about Hollywood making too many comic book movies.

We know, some Marvel fans are steaming mad at Cameron for GASP! Saying that there are too many super hero movies. The sky is falling! Help, the world is going to end! It’s not like he’s allowed to speak his mind. The ones who are flipping out are proving his point about the state of movies. Endgame has done terrific! Big deal if it doesn’t beat Avatar. The movie has gotten good reviews and it has been a huge smash hit. That record may never be broken, or it may take another movie. Does it matter? Enjoy your movie and stop obsessing over this, you’ll drive some people crazy with this. I am almost there. Calm down and enjoy your movie Avengers fans.

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Box Office: Aladdin Scores Huge Opening

According to Box Office Pro, Aladdin is going to open with a 4 day total of 95-100 million. John Wick held up very nicely giving Lionsgate a huge hit. Detective Pikachu and the Avengers are holding up well in 3rd and 4th.

Godzilla comes out next weekend and with the early buzz, it could be a huge hit. I am gonna predict a 120 million opening for Godzilla.


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Aladdin Reviews Are Mixed!

Audiences and critics are divided about Aladdin. Some think it’s great, the others think it’s a disaster. Aladdin has a 58% on Rotton Tomatoes and an audience score of 6.3 on IMDB.

Will this hurt the box office? Not the opening weekend, but the drop off will be big if audiences are divided. With Godzilla coming out next week, Aladdin could have a weak, short run at no1.

My box office opening for Aladdin, 70 million. John Wick 3 will be second with 28 million and Avengers and Detective Pikachu fighting it out for 3rd.


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Detective Pikachu Repeats as No1 Movie Worldwide!

Detective Pikachu is a blockbuster! It’s no1 again in worldwide grosses according to Variety. It is doing great in China, UK, Germany, and Russia to name a few. I love this movie so much. Go see it! It you have seen it, see it again! It’s that good! The movie will easily top 500 to 600 million. This movie has long legs and will be bigger on home video. I am so Pika Pika happy!


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Joh Wick 3 Knocks Out Avengers!

John Wick 3 gave Lionsgate their biggest opening since the Hunger Games. With over 57 million, John Wick 3 is becoming a huge franchise for Lionsgate.

Avengers fell to 2nd place with 29 million. It seems like it won’t break Avatar’s record for worldwide box office champ. Still, 2.6 billion isn’t anything to sneeze at.

Detective Pikachu held up nice with 24 million. The movie has earned over 93 million in just 10 days. This will make Detective Pikachu a new franchise for Warner Bros, and it’ll become the highest grossing video game movie of all time.

Aladdin comes out next weekend. I am expecting a big 65 million opening. Some of the bad buzz has dampered the hype on it, so that will hurt the movie’s opening.


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Box Office Predictions: John Wick Knocks Out Avengers

John Wick 3 will be no1 with 49-53 million. Avengers will be 2nd with 27-29 million and Detective Pikachu will be 3rd with 22-24 million.

Those are my predictions. Let’s see if they come true or not on Monday.

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