Vince Gill: Nothing Like A Guy Clark Song Review

By Michelle Lynn Tackett

The music industry is going through a phase were most artist gotta have auto tune for their voice and big production to hide mediocre songs. This is what makes artist like Vince Gill special. Vince gill doesn’t need auto tune or a big production. Give him a guitar and watch him go.


They are simple and paint a brilliant picture of an artist who misses one of his idols. The writing is brilliant with Vince singing like he is talking to people telling them a story. Lines like, “That work bench was a holy place.” Will stick with you long after the song is over.


The music is very clean, beautiful and clean. This is the antithesis of what Nashville and 95% of the music industry does now. Vince has enough confidence in the brilliant lyrics he wrote, that he doesn’t need to hide nothing. Like one of his heroes Johnny Cash, Vince strips down to get to the human element of music and it is a sight to behold for your eyes and ears.


It’s Vince Gill. That’s all.

Final Thoughts

Nashville needs to hang it’s head in shame for not playing legends like this on the radio. Gill is doing some of his best work and it’s a dang shame Nashville is ignoring incredible artistic expression in favor of generic bro country. Gill’s mastery will be remembered long after bro country is dead.

Grade: A 96 A masterpiece of writing and music that will send chills up your spine. Take notes music industry. This is how you do music. Take notes and learn.

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All The Good Girls Go To Hell: Song Review

Billie Eilish has a new song called all the good girls go to hell. She also put out a new video of it, so I am here to review it.

Billie is known for her creative writing, so I am sad to say this song has nothing memorable to it. The lyrics are the standard faux pass for rebellion. We never get to know why all the good girls go to hell. There is no clear message in this song. Very disappointing.

Nothing special. The music sounds like grunge mixed with pop. Nothing stands out about the music, and the song takes itself too serious. This could’ve been a fun tongue-in-cheek song, but the music is too bland and boring for that.

The video shows Billie growing wings in the beginning. Is she supposed to be a fallen angel? This video is drab and void of life. Music videos are one of Billie’s weakest categories. Watching her videos is the equivalent of watching paint dry. Never mind, the paint may give you something different to look at.

Final Grade
Billie has a few good songs, but this isn’t one of them. Forgettable lyrics and bland production sink what could’ve been a great song. I know Billie wanted to do a girl power statement, but we have to be invested in the lyrics and music to care. This could’ve been a great song showcasing how society looks at powerful women. Instead, it’s a forgettable song with nothing to remember.

Grade: 1 Star

Billie shows her young age on this song. A better songwriter could’ve made this a satirical masterpiece, but this is forgettable and bland.

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Super Mario Maker 2 Review: A Real Master Piece

I love 3-D Mario games like Odyssey and Galaxy 2. The size, scope, and crazy levels make them some of my favorite games ever. However, nothing beats 2-D Mario for sheer fun. The platforming and power-ups are unmatched. Super Mario Maker 2 is out, and I waited a long time until I played enough of the online. Here is my review of Super Mario Maker 2.

They’re great. The colors pop, the textures are clean, and the animations are fluid. The resolution is 1080p, and 720 in handheld mode. All skins look good, but NSMBU is my favorite. Mario games have always excelled when it comes to colorful graphics, and Mario Maker 2 is no different.

It is classic 2-D, Mario. The one player story mode is excellent, and the online levels are great. You will never run out of levels to play. Is it easy to make levels? Yes. Some will prefer the WII U gamepad, but I like the controller myself. It will depend on your preference. Handheld mode feels more like the WII U gamepad if that is what you prefer. Picking items and enemies can be slower, but I like having more time myself. If you like the split-second way, play portably.

This is where Mario Maker 2 shines. The amount of modes in this game makes the first MM game look bare bones. The multiplayer modes, story mode, and co-op give the game a ton of replay value.

Some may not like the controller to make levels with, but you have a portable mode which is much better for those who like the WII U way. The only complaint I have is the lag time. When you play online multiplayer, it can get soooo sllooooooow. A tortuous race feels like the Indy 500. I hope Nintendo releases a patch to fix this. That is all I can find. This is a near-perfect package.

Final Thoughts
Super Mario Maker 2 is the dream tool-kit game you’ve been waiting for. Tons of modes make level creation fun, and lots of options to create levels give you the power to make levels your way. The online needs work, but that doesn’t drag down what a gem this game is. Buy it now.
Rating: 4 Stars, a must-have. One of the best games of the year, and another reason why the Switch is the best console on the market. An early candidate for game of the year, and that is saying a lot.


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Astral Chain Reviews Are In! Another GOTY Contender for Nintendo Switch!

Here we go. Astral Chain has an 88 on Opencritic. This is on par with Fire Emblem 3 Houses and better than Control. Astral Chain comes out this Friday, so get ready for the excitement. This is gonna be a GOTY contender along with Fire Emblem for the Switch. The Nintendo Switch is killing it this year. What an amazing year for games for the Switch. Nier got similar scores and Nier got a lot of GOTY nominations and won some. I think the same thing will happen with Astral Chain. Astral Chain’s sales on Amazon have shot up, so it seems like the reviews have done their job. Astral Chain comes out this Friday, be ready for one of the best games of the year.



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Billie Eilish: How Good is She Really?

By Michelle Lynn Tackett

Billie Eilish is the hottest musical act going today. She is selling great on the album charts, and some of her songs hit the top of the charts. She is very popular and a lot of times, popular artists are not very good. I wanted to look at Billie through an objective lens. How good is she? Is she an artist, or is she a smokescreen created by creative producers? Let’s find out.

Singing ability
Billie has a sad and soulful voice. It gets the job done for the type of songs she sings. There is a problem with her voice, she doesn’t have a diverse one. She doesn’t have the vocal range of Ariana Grande or Lady Gaga. To be blunt, her voice isn’t her strong suit, but her voice does a good job of helping deliver her songs.

Score: 2 Stars, a decent voice that lacks range and power, but it fits the type of songs she does.

Here is Billie’s strong suit. Her words pierce through the heart and stick in your mind. Billie goes places that most young artists won’t. She does a great job balancing sentiment and realism. Billie’s songs don’t get bogged down by hammering the message on you. It naturally flows, which makes it seem organic. Singing may not be her strong suit, but writing is.

Score: 4 stars, a genius writer who knows how to craft a great song.

Hit and Miss. Some of her songs are perfectly produced, some are a complete mess. On some songs, the production comes off as forced, trying too hard to impress the listener. Other songs seem to come from the heart. She is young, so I think she will get better in this area, but she has a long way to go before she perfects her sound. For such an independent singer, she doesn’t speak her mind enough when it comes to producing her music. Here’s hoping she can find that independent voice that fits her wonderful lyrics.

Score: 3 Stars, she has a good ear for music, too bad she is inconsistent about her tone. Hopefully, she will find a voice as she matures.
Billie is very talented, but she needs to grow in some areas like her voice and produce.

My overall score for Billie is 3 stars out of 4. A good artist, who has the potential to be one of the best artists of this generation. Here’s hoping she gets better. I do want to like her more.


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Astrail Chain First Review: It’s A Hit!

Famitsu Magazine awarded Astral Chain a 37/40 in their magazine. This is exactly what Fire Emblem got. This is a great start to a lot more 9s and 10s I think will becoming it’s way. Any game where you can play with a kitty cat on your head is gotta be a GOTY contender! Good going Platinum Games!


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Nintendo Switch Lite Review

By Michelle Lynn Tackett

Shawn Tackett

The Nintendo Switch Lite is real. It is coming this September on the 20th and it will retail for $200 dollars. That’s not too bad. This review is based only on the video presentation and not actual time playing it.


Sleek, compact and cute by design. Koizumi did a great job with the aesthetic for the Switch Lite. It has a d-pad now for everyone who wanted a d-pad and 3 attractive colors.

Rating for design: 4 stars


You can play 95% of the Switch games on the Switch Lite. Since the Switch has one of the best line ups in gamimg. That’s good enough for me.

Rating: 4 Stars


This is the weakest part of the Switch Lite. No detachable Joy Cons, HD Rumble, or IR camera. This is a dedicated portable and doesn’t have too many features.

Rating: 2 Stars


200 bucks is 100 dollars cheaper than the mainline Switch. This is a great price point for anyone who wants a Switch, but can’t afford 300 bucks for one. With a great screen, controls and library of games, the Switch Lite is worth every penny.

Rating: 4 Stars

This is a great addition to the Switch line. Remember, this is a name brand recognition, you can’t Switch it from handheld to dock mode. But, you get to play Switch games, which in my eyes, makes it a Switch system.

Regardless of what Nintendo says, this is the 3ds replacement, and it’s a great one. This is not for people who already own a Switch. This is for kids and families who are buying Pokemon, also people whose job takes them away from home too much. They’ll have something to play. The Switch Lite launches on September 20th for 200 dollars. Is it worth it? Yes.

Over all rating: 4 stars.

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Nintendo and Square Save E3! E3 Review

I thought the E3 was ok, until late last night and today. Two legends Nintendo and Square destroyed it! Let’s rate their showcases.

Square: They started out with a bang with FF VII, and kept the hits coming. Final Fantasy 8 is finally coming! Oninaki, Avengers, new content for FF 14, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and more info on Dragon Quest XI. The games kept coming, they went on about Avengers a little too long and we could’ve done without the mobile games, but oh well. This was a great show. Square, you are getting great again.

Grade: A

Nintendo: Oh dear lord. From the second this direct started with the hero from Dragon Quest, to Daemon X Machina, Link’s Awakening, Panzer Dragoon, A new Contra, Spyro, Witcher 3, Astral Chain, Animal Crossing, Banjo in Smash and the new sequel to the Legend of Zelda Breathe of the Wild. One great relieve after another. It didn’t stop! Nintendo edges out Square to earn the best of E3. Tons of games and lots of fun surprises. This is how you do it.

Grade: A+

Overall E3 Grade B+, a slow start, but a strong finish. Nintendo and Square bought the goods. Microsoft get’s third place. They had a good show, but Nintendo won the E3 easily. EA, Ubisoft and Bethesda, watch Nintendo, Microsoft and Square, that’s how you do it! The E3 is supposed to be about games. Show us the games please! Enough with this nonsense of mobile games and TV shows. Give the fans what they want to see, bad hype can ruin your momentum.

Best of the Show: Nintendo. Games, games and more games!

Worst: Ubisoft. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz wake me up when they show actual game play and some actual games.

Biggest Surprise: Panzer Dragoon remake!

Game of the Show: The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

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Weathering With You: Trailer Review

I am a huge fan of the classic anime Your Name. Makoto Shinkai is a master at storytelling, emotion, and animation. His new movie Weathering With You looks just as good.


The Animation looks incredible. It looks like someone from the future made it. Gorgeous details, eye-popping color, and fluid movement give the animation a surreal look. This movie seems too good for a mortal to make. Shinkai is no mere mortal.

Good scenes

From the second it starts to the epic conclusion, the trailer is jam-packed with great scenes. It doesn’t give too much away and it ends on the right note. I can’t give too much away, I want you to watch the trailer and experience it for yourself. If you don’t get chills while watching it check your pulse!

Final Thoughts

Makoto Shinkai is the new master of anime, nay, animation. This movie looks adorable, romantic and emotional. It has a lot of the same themes as his other movies, but it also explores themes he hasn’t in his other movies, giving it a richer narrative. Shinkai doesn’t want to be predictable throwing new ideas in helping keep his ideas fresh. The music soars in the trailer, the message is clear, and the characters are lovable. You want to reach through the screen and hug them. This looks like pure magic from start to finish.

Grade: 4 Stars! This is a must see trailer! Anime fans and fans of good cinema should be excited. Makoto Shinkai is back, and he’s gonna craft another masterpiece.

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Dark Crystal: Trailer Review


1 Star: Lord help me!

2 Stars: Not bad, but not great either.

3 Stars: A good trailer, but nothing breathtaking.

4 Stars: What an experience! That’s how you do a trailer.

Jim Henson, that name brings back so many memories for me. The Muppets, Sesame Street, and Fragile Rock shaped my childhood with their wonderful imagination and colorful characters. Jim Henson did movies as well. One of my favorite movies was called The Dark Crystal. I’ve never seen anything like it before, with its wonderful character designs and creative worlds. Jim Henson was a genius, and it’s good to see Netflix bring Dark Crystal back. There is a trailer for it, so let’s rate it.

Does it capture the spirit of the original?

Yes it does! You can tell by the way they recaptured the look of the original film. The characters look like the originals and the tone is similar as well. Gorgeous details help bring the world to life. The look has been updated a bit with the help of CGI, but it isn’t overdone. It looks like they used some good old prosthetic to keep it true to the original. Great job Netflix.

Good Scenes

Too many to count, but I love when the scene of the Gelflings meeting the mystical flower. She starts having visions. The lighting of the environments and facial expressions of the characters are perfect. Seeing the one-eyed witch was great. The trailer does a good job of pumping you up getting you excited for this. Mission accomplished.

Final Thoughts

Netflix has a winner on their hands with Dark Crystal. Jim Henson’s creations have been surging in popularity, and this is the perfect time to make a Dark Crystal Show. Seeing Dark Crystal make a comeback makes me extra happy. This could be one of Netflix’s biggest shows.

Grade: 4 Stars. Great teaser to get people excited.

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