My Favorite Entertainment Franchises

Meet Tackett and Tackett

This is about my favorite franchises in any form of entertainment. This is not a best list, but my favorite list. Let’s get started.

10: Star Trek. I adore Star Trek. My favorite ST show is Star Trek DS9. The movies have been a mixed bag, but it never took my love away from Star Trek.

9: Fire Emblem. There are lots of great RPGs, but Fire Emblem is my favorite. Awakening and Three Houses are both in my top ten games of all time. The characters, stories, and gameplay are all top-notch.

8: Xenoblade Chronicles. There are only three Xenoblade games, but they are some of the best games I’ve ever played. I love the characters and stories so much. They go into deep philosophy, and that gives Xenoblade Chronicles an edge on a lot of modern RPGs, including Final Fantasy.

7: X-Men. I love the X-Men! I grew up watching cartoons, reading comics, and watching movies tons of times. Wolverine is one of my favorite characters ever. I love Cyclops, Storm, Rogue, Kitty Pride, and so many more! They have great subjects to delve into, and the X-Men makes outsiders feel like they belong.

6: My Little Pony. I loved MLP. Ever since the first iteration, but it’s the newest version that I love the most. The colorful characters and hilarious humor will make you smile. I have MLP plushies, DVDs, and comic books. I love this adorable franchise.

5: She-Ra. I love He-Man, but I have always been partial to She-Ra. I love her backstory, her friends, and Hordak is one of my favorite villains of all time. The Netflix show is the best-animated show on right now.

4: Whedonverse. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly are three of my favorite shows of all time. There is no TV show I love more than Buffy. The innovation, wit, and mythology influenced me on how to write the Buzzies.

3: Lord of the Rings. LOTR is special to me. I have seen the movies tons of times, and I love the World JRR Tolkein created. He was so good at creating lived-in worlds with real characters and relatable problems. The first trilogy remains three of the best movies ever made.

2: Star Wars. Nothing gets me excited like a new Star Wars movie. It’s like a holiday for me. I saw Episode Nine two times already. I have seen the first six movies over one hundred times apiece. No franchise has influenced me more than Star Wars. There is a lot of Star Wars in the Buzzies. That is no coincidence. I quote lines from the movies and shows all the time. I never get tired of watching or reading Star Wars.

1: Nintendo. Nothing brightens my day like playing Nintendo games. From Yoshi, Kirby, and Donkey Kong to Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Pokemon, and Star Fox. Nintendo makes me smile, and feel good about myself. When I was homeless, my 3DS kept me from going insane. Nothing means more to me than Nintendo games. They are my favorite company and make games that have a long-lasting impact on me. Thank you, Nintendo.

Ariana Grande Dress Is Legendary! Best Looks At The Grammys!

Ariana did not win a lot of Grammy’s, but she did win our hearts with her adorable dress. She looked like a billion dollars. Airana stole the show. Rock it girl! Here are some other great looks at the Grammy’s.

The Gloves cap the look off Ariana! Fabulous!

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Lizzo Looks Fabulous!

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Dua Lipa Looks fabulous

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Alicia Keys looks like an angel!

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NFL Teams That Could Be The Next Dynasty

It’s safe to say that the New England Patriot’s run is over. With a new decade comes new teams that could be the next Patriots, Cowboys, 49ers or Steelers. Let’s get to cracking. These picks are in no particular order.

Tennessee Titans. The Titans have an incredible defense, a great running game, and offensive line. They have a lot of the tools to win two or three Super Bowls. The big question mark for the Titans is their quarterback.

San Francisco Forty-Niners. They’ve had one dynasty, and this group of young stars looks like they could be another. Nick Bosa is a future HOF, Garoppolo is a good quarterback, but he’s no Aaron Rodgers. Also, Kittle is not an elite tight end. They have a great shot, but they got to fill in a few spots before they can do it.

Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings have a great defense, offensive line, and a great running game. What the Vikings don’t have is a top tier QB. If the Vikings had someone like Russell Wilson or Lamar Jackson, they would be a dynasty.

Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs have a great QB, running game and offensive line. They don’t have an elite defense though to complete the package. The Chiefs are close to being a dynasty.

Jacksonville Jaguars. Josh Allen. That’s all I need to say. Allen is on his way to being the best defensive player the NFL has seen in decades. He had nearly eleven sacks, forty-two tackles, and two forced fumbles. He is a rookie, that’s the scary part. If the Jags can get an elite QB, and some great receivers, they will win two or three Super Bowls. Allen is that good.

The Baltimore Ravens. They’re a safe pick, but a great pick. The Ravens have everything a team needs to be a dynasty. A play-making QB, a great running game, and defense give them a great chance to be a dynasty. Their biggest flaw is their wide receivers who are average at best. The teams who beat Baltimore shut Jackson down to force the Ravens to win by using their wide receivers. Jackson is an elite talent who deserves better receivers. The Ravens would be a dynasty if they had better wide-outs.

The Cincinnati Bengals. Don’t laugh at this pick. They have the best tight end in the league Tyler Eifert, Geno Atkins is one of the best DTs in the league and AJ Green who is arguably the best wide receiver when he is healthy. The Bengals need to fix their offensive line, they need a middle linebacker, and they need to draft a QB. If the Bengals draft Joe Burrows, that could tip the scale in their favor to be the next great dynasty. The Bengals could win three or four Super Bowls.

Do you agree? Who do you think could be the NFL’s next great dynasty?

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She-Ra Princess Of Power Review: A Modern LGBTQ Classic

I remember the original She-Ra from my childhood. It was corny, funny, plus it had one of my favorite heroines ever. It is outdated by today’s standards, but the original She-Ra still has a place in my heart. When I heard a new version was in the works, I was skeptical. I didn’t want them to ruin one of my favorite cartoons from my childhood. I’m happy to say they get it.


The art style is stunning. Gorgeous colors, big eyes and expressions bring the characters and world to life. The colors are bright, but they can be darker to give a sinister look to the villains. There are some scary monsters in the show, so I don’t think I would let a really small child watch this.


One of the brightest spots of this show is the characters. Fan favorites like Catra, She-Ra, Bow, and Glimmer lead the charge with Hordak and other members of the evil horde making appearances. The characters have a surprising amount of depth to them. The show is not black or white on morality either.


The writing is sharp, clean and witty. Each character is vividly bought to life with distinct personality traits, and a clear sense of morality. The stories are fresh avoiding cliches that bring down too many shows aimed at younger people. She-Ra shows that shows aimed at younger people don’t have to insult their intelligence.


Some of the dialogue can be corny. The first episode takes a little long to get going, and some of the twists are a predictable. This doesn’t sink the show, not by a mile.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a show aimed at LGBTQ yough that’s funny, action packed and intelligent, look no further than She-Ra and the Princess of Power. The pace moves fast, the jokes are funny, emotional moments and complex morality make She-Ra a top-notch show for the whole family. She-Ra is available for streaming on Netflix.

Grade: A-96

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Review: The Good Place is A Great Show

I love it when I find a show that makes me feel good. The Good Place is a show like that. I smile from beginning to end. It is becoming my favorite show on TV. I love it that much. Why? Here’s why.

Kristen Bell is delightful as Elanor, who ends up in the Good Place, (she doesn’t belong there), she is so charming and cute from the get-go. You root for Elanor, even though she’s not a great person. Ted Danson is sensational as Michael or the creator. All the characters are given lots of room to grow, and develop. Each episode reveals new layers to the characters, giving them depth.

There is no heaven or hell. The Good Place is Heaven, and the Bad Place is Hell. Each person is judged by their actions, if they get enough good points, they make it to the Good Place. The story starts simple but gets more complex as the season goes on. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Funny jokes, heartwarming moments, and rich dialogue show how good the writing is. Drew Goddard worked on Buffy, so it’s not surprising the Good Place has great writing. The story has twists, you care about the characters, and the jokes never insult the audience’s intelligence. This is how you write a show.

No show is perfect. Sometimes, there is too much going on in the story. Focusing on one story might be better. Some of the jokes fall flat.

The Good Place is a GREAT show! I cannot recommend it enough. Great characters, wonderful stories, and writing make this show a winner. I haven’t liked a comedy this much since Scrubs.
Grade: 4 Stars, watch this show. It’s a winner!

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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Review

By Michelle Lynn Tackett

I adore the fifty’s style, so when I see a show about the fifty’s, I get excited. When Amazon started airing this show called The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, I had to check it out. I am four episodes in, and I like it. How much? That’s what the review is for.

The cast is up to the task. Rachel Brosnahan sparkles as the lead. She brings warmth, energy, and cuteness to Midge. She makes her relatable and real. The real scene-stealer is Alex Borstein, who destroys every scene she’s in. Her sassy attitude shines, and she gets the best jokes in the show. If there is one criticism about the acting, it’s the men. They’re not given deep characters. Clueless dad and cheating husband are two examples. None of the men can stand up to the wonderful women. That does bring down the acting some.

The screenplays are funny, sharp, but cliched. Sometimes the show goes from heartfelt humor to cold as ice in seconds. I don’t think it fits the show. The jokes are funny, they give the women characters a lot of depth, not enough for the men, and the tone shifts too much at times. Writing isn’t the strong suit of this show. It is good, but not great. More consistency would help.

The directing is crisp, clean, and captures the look and feel of the fifty’s. From the clothes to the look of the homes. No detail goes overlooked. What a great job they do on each episode to make the tempo flow nicely and keep the look authentic. The best part of the show is directing.

Some of the jokes and language come off as cheap shocks. Lots of cussing, too much at times. How many people do you know who curse like that? Male characters are not up to par with the women counterparts, and the stories get cliched. She gets on stage, and people love her, but she doesn’t think she can do it. Will she? What do you think? We know the answer to this. There’s no suspense.

I don’t love the Marvelous Mrs. Masiel, but I do like it. Some cliches bring the showdown, and the inconsistency in tone keeps it from being, well, marvelous! This isn’t the type of show I will watch over and over. It is a show I can watch once and have fun with.

Grade: 3 Stars, a good drama, comedy with some great acting and directing. However, the cliches and shift in tone keep it from being great.

What I love About Modern TV

By Michelle Lynn Tackett

I did a list of why this isn’t a golden age of TV, but it’s not all bad. I am going to give five reasons for what I like about modern TV.

1: Strong women!
Lots of ’em too! From VEEP to The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Killing Eve. You’ll see an abundance of great female characters. There are more lesbians and trans women too. This gives women lots of great characters to relate to.

2: More diversity
There are more shows with LGBTQ characters, women, POC, and immigrants. Empire, Supergirl, and Stranger Things do a great job showcasing different types of characters. Lots of groups get represented today, and that’s great. This helps people learn about different groups.

3: More choices
Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu all have tons of shows. Each service differs in price, but you can watch hundreds of shows for ten to fifteen bucks a month. Hulu is eight dollars a month, and Amazon Prime Video is six bucks a month for disabled people. That is fantastic. You can watch these shows whenever you want, but they can be taken down at any moment. That is the downside of streaming services.

4: Bigger Budgets
Look at the gorgeous sets of Game of Thrones and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. They’re gorgeous with lots of details and big landscapes. They don’t look cheap either. People used to think TV was a cheap alternative to movies, not anymore. Bigger budgets are spent on these shows to give fans a rich experience in visuals.

5: More Foreign Shows
From Anime to dramas and Bollywood Musicals, you’ll find tons of shows from different countries. This gives people from all over the world shows to enjoy. It also gives people a chance to learn about different cultures.

There are lots of things wrong with TV right now, but there are lots of good things as well. This may not be a Golden Age, but it isn’t the dark ages either.

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We Aren’t Living In the Golden Age of Television

By Michelle Lynn Tackett

Now, this is based on how I see it, so I am not trying to act like I am the authority, but I believe this. I don’t see this as another golden age of TV. If the best shows on TV are Fleabag and the last season of Game of Thrones, I’m sorry, but this seems like the Bronze age of TV, not a golden age. Don’t get me wrong I see some really good shows, but I am gonna list five reasons why we aren’t living in a golden age of TV.

1: Nothing original

I know, stories have been done over and over, there is nothing original now. It is how you tell the stories. What we’re seeing are the same stories over and over. A housewife who has a cheating husband, so she wonders about her life and gets a career? Check! Corrupt politician exposing the inner working of Washington? Check. A woman who sees how dysfunctional her family is? Check. I could go on. Stranger Things is good, but it’s like Supernatural and a modern version of Buffy. 24 and Lost were very original. I miss shows like that because they were trying to be different.

2: Everything is “Edgy”

There is cussing galore, blood, sex, and drugs in most shows. Even network TV is getting more “edgy” I use those quotations because when everyone does it, it isn’t edgy anymore. It makes it boring.

3: Too many shocks

Oh my gosh gurl, did you see what happened on Breaking Bad last night? Just about every show tries to out shock each other with twists and shocks. It has become a standard. Are we surprised anymore when the main character is killed off? Or when someone is the bad person now? It happens so much it doesn’t feel special anymore. When Buffy, 24 and Lost did this, it was news, now it is just another show trying to be shocking. If you ask me, it loses some of the effects. I don’t feel shocked anymore, I see the twist coming a mile away.

4: Cliches

Men are clueless, sexist and dumb don’t cha know? I mean, we know that sexist writers used to write women bad ok? But, doing this to men isn’t equality. It is petty revenge. Why not make both genders equal in their struggles and intelligence? The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel has some of the worst male characters on a TV show. Cheating ex? Of course. Clueless dads? Yep. It is becoming a cliche. Writing strong women characters is great, but writing men like clueless idiots is not good. Remember Buffy? Angel, Spike, Xander, and Giles were Buffy’s equal.

5: Saturation

There are too many shows now. On the one hand, it gives anyone a chance to make a show, but that also means that it can be too easy to get a show on the air with streaming services. This can be good, but it also can bring too much to the market. Here is hoping that this doesn’t lead to burnout.

What do you think? Do you think I am wrong and we are living in a golden age of TV? Tell me in the comments, I would love to hear from you.

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She Hulk Caused A Stir On Twitter

Some men were upset when they saw that a live-action TV show is being made about the comic book heroine She-Hulk. This puzzles me. How is having a few shows (Supergirl and now She-Hulk), erasing male super heroes? Arrow had a show, The Flash is still on, Smallville, and the original Hulk have all had TV shows.

Guys, you still have shows for you. You still have male characters who are saving the day and protecting their loved ones. What is wrong with women having a few shows that show that? It doesn’t make you obsolete. All it means is there are shows for women who are super heroes. She Hulk has a rich history, I like her better than the Hulk myself.

People get upset over anything now. If someone is making a female super hero show, who cares! Don’t watch it, it’s as simple as that. What you guys do when you get this mad is show how insecure strong women make you. Come on guys, you’re better then that. She-Hulk power!

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