Nintendo and Square Save E3! E3 Review

I thought the E3 was ok, until late last night and today. Two legends Nintendo and Square destroyed it! Let’s rate their showcases.

Square: They started out with a bang with FF VII, and kept the hits coming. Final Fantasy 8 is finally coming! Oninaki, Avengers, new content for FF 14, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and more info on Dragon Quest XI. The games kept coming, they went on about Avengers a little too long and we could’ve done without the mobile games, but oh well. This was a great show. Square, you are getting great again.

Grade: A

Nintendo: Oh dear lord. From the second this direct started with the hero from Dragon Quest, to Daemon X Machina, Link’s Awakening, Panzer Dragoon, A new Contra, Spyro, Witcher 3, Astral Chain, Animal Crossing, Banjo in Smash and the new sequel to the Legend of Zelda Breathe of the Wild. One great relieve after another. It didn’t stop! Nintendo edges out Square to earn the best of E3. Tons of games and lots of fun surprises. This is how you do it.

Grade: A+

Overall E3 Grade B+, a slow start, but a strong finish. Nintendo and Square bought the goods. Microsoft get’s third place. They had a good show, but Nintendo won the E3 easily. EA, Ubisoft and Bethesda, watch Nintendo, Microsoft and Square, that’s how you do it! The E3 is supposed to be about games. Show us the games please! Enough with this nonsense of mobile games and TV shows. Give the fans what they want to see, bad hype can ruin your momentum.

Best of the Show: Nintendo. Games, games and more games!

Worst: Ubisoft. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz wake me up when they show actual game play and some actual games.

Biggest Surprise: Panzer Dragoon remake!

Game of the Show: The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

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My Nintendo E3 Predictions

By Michelle Lynn Tackett

These are guesses, so don’t come to my blog going, “Duh, you said that this would be there.” I am having fun ok? We are allowed to do that. I don’t know if some of these games will be here, I hope they will. Let’s a go!

The Nintendo Direct will start off with Retro Studio’s new game. A sci-fi action/adventure game with innovative motion controls and world building. I don’t know what the name is, but with all of the evidence of Retro hiring people for a project like this. It would make sense for Nintendo to show us what Retro has cooking.

Next up will be Luigi’s Mansion 3. A full 2 minute trailer showcasing the new mechanics and enemies. I think the release date will be October 18th.

Next up will be short trailers of 3rd party games. Including Witcher 3, Doom Eternal, Kingdom Hearts collection, WWE 20K and Fall Out 3.

Next Up will be Bravely Third from Square. A short 1 minute trailer and a vague 2020 release date.

Next up is some info on some new Indie games. Maybe Dead Cells 2?

Then we will have the game a lot of Nintendo fans have been clamoring for. Animal Crossing. Expect a 3 minute trailer detailing new game play and new features. Release date of Sept. 13th.

Next up will be Astral Chain. A 3 minute trailer with new details.

Then Fire Emblem will be shown.

More 3rd Party Games. Call Of Duty, which one? I don’t know. Overwatch and Soul Calibur 6.

Some quick info on Mario Maker 2 and Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Nintendo will finally say SNES games will come to the online service, which will get a 20 dollar a year or 60 dollar a year option with all the bells and whistles.

Some footage of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

Daemon X Machina trailer which looks better and a release date of August 9th.

More info on The Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening. Release date, December 6th.

2 last games. The first one is Metroid Prime trilogy. A trailer about 1 minute long with a release date of Nov 15th.

The last one is the first footage of Bayonetta 3. A 2 minute trailer showing off the first gameplay footage. A release date of Early 2020.

The direct will be 43 minutes. Some fans will complain about no new Mario game or something. They will find something to complain about. Everyone else will call em crazy and hilarity will ensue.

Those are my predictions. I hope I am right on all of these. E3 is only a few days a way and Nintendo’s E3 presentation is only 5 days away! I am so excited. Woo Hoo! Let’s a go!

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Favorite Video Game Companies: Top 10

Picks By Michelle Lynn Tackett & Shawn Tackett


It is not hard for me to think of my top 10 favorite video game companies, (this includes the devs and publishers, 1st, 2nd or 3rd party). This list is based on how much we love the companies games, and how many games are in our collection. So, here we go.

10: Bethesda, I love Bethesda games. Skyrim and Doom 2016 are my favorite Bethesda games, but I also love Fallout 4. My favorite Bethesda game is Skyrim.

9: Sega, Ah, one of the old timers. Sega has revolutionized gaming a lot of times and created some of the best games ever for a console. If I had to pick one favorite game, it would be Sonic Mania Plus. What a love letter for Sonic the Hedgehog fans.

8: Namco Bandai, I love their fighting games so much. Soul Calibur, Tekken and Dragon Ball are all legendary. I also love the Dark Soul series, but nothing gets me excited like a Namco/Bandai fighting game. My favorite Namco/Bandai game is Tales of Vesperia.

7: Capcom, Capcom makes some of my favorite games of all time, from Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, Mega Man, Street Fighter and Resident Evil. They have some of the best franchises of all-time and make quality games on a regular basis. My favorite Capcom game of all time is Mega Man 11.

6: Square/Enix, SE is one of the best when it comes to JRPGs, games like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger have kept SE in business for decades. My favorite SE game of all time is Octopath Travler.

5: Intelligent Systems, One of the best RPG makers of all-time. Paper Mario and Fire Emblem have some of the best RPG entries of all time. Intelligent Systems live up to their name. They know how to make quality games. My favorite Intelligent systems game of all time is Fire Emblem Awakening.

4: Platinum Games, One of the best when it comes to action games. Platinum have made classics like Madworld, Viewtiful Joe, Bayonetta and Nier. Their upcoming Nintendo Switch game called Astral Chain looks amazing. Favorite Platinum Game, Bayonetta 2.

3: Retro Studios, They have only made 6 games, but wowzers! What games they are. They have done 3 Metroid Prime games, 2 DKC games, and Mario Kart 7 is a triumph of level design. Metroid Prime destroyed GTA for game of the year in 2002. My favorite Retro Studios game is Metroid Prime.

2: Monolith Studios. the most talented people from Square left in 1999 and formed this company. They make some of the best games on the market. They have helped with BOTW, Splatoon 1 and 2, and of course, the Xenoblade series. My favorite game of Monolith Studios is Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

1: Nintendo EAD, was there ever any doubt? Masters of design and philosophy of how games should be made. No company makes better games than Nintendo. From Mario, to Pokemon, Zelda, Splatoon, Metroid and others. Nintendo is above the rest when it comes to excellent games. My favorite Nintendo game, too many to count!


10: Panic Button, if you need a great Switch port, go to Panic Button! They do incredible Switch ports pushing the console, showing what it can do. Favorite game, Doom 2016.

9: Square/Enix, I love their colorful JRPGs and SE has tons of them! Dragon Quest Builders is my favorite game.

8: Limited Run Games, they bring out lots of indie darling. Favorite game, Golf Story.

7: Nicalis a company not afraid to take chances with creative and different games. Favorite game, the Binding of Isaac.

6: Namco/Bandai they have so many good fighting, action, rpg and classic games. Favorite games, Namco Museum, Smash Ultimate and Tales of Vesperia.

5: Retro Studios, one of the best in the industry, creating great games that revolutionize genres. Favorite game, DKCTF

4: Monolith Soft, one of the best studios around. So much talent and experience. Favorite game, Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

3: Good Feel, they make Yoshi games, do I need to say anything else? Favorite game, Yoshi’s Crafted World.

Platinum Games, they are so creative and imaginative. They make some of the best games you’ll ever play. Favorite game, Bayonetta 2.

1: Nintendo EAD, from Koizumi, to Miyamoto, no one has the talent that ?Nintendo does. They’re the best around. Favorite game, Mario Odyssey and Mario Maker 2.

Who are your favorite video game companies?

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Yoshi’s Crafted World Review

Some companies’ video games make you smile. Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man and Kingdom Hearts come to mind. However, no one makes games that will bring a smile to your face like Nintendo. They know how to hit that sweet spot with charm and cuteness that will win you over. Games like Mario, Kirby, Toad, Luigi, Pokemon, Animal Crossing and Yoshi will bring a huge smile to your face and you won’t be able to stop smiling.

Yoshi has had some great games over the years. Yoshi Island and Wolly World stand out as great games that still hold up. I think we may have the best Yoshi game since Island with Yoshi’s Crafted World. An incredible platformer with some challenge, but tons of collectables and an adorable style that’ll keep you smiling for weeks! Let’s get to it.


The graphics are so darn cute! I can’t get over how adorable and cute the graphics are! The crafts sparkle with color and each item really looks like it was well, crafted. As for the “blurry” backgrounds, they’re done that way on purpose. You are supposed to really look for the hidden items sprinkled through the backgrounds. Giving the background some blur, helps hide some hidden items. It forces you to take your time and really look for them. I had no problem with the developers doing this. The frame rate is steady and clean, so you don’t notice any hiccups which is good.

Level Design

Each level has a personality. You will not see levels that repeat themselves, (cough Days Gone), sorry I had to get that boring level design of Days Gone out of me. From outer space levels, to big towns and haunted houses, (which are my personal favorites). Each level has a unique theme and this theme is executed to perfection. This game has some of the best level design I’ve seen since Super Mario Odyssey. That’s high praise indeed. Each level is packed with hidden goodies that you’ll want to find. It becomes an addiction! Unlike some games that make items a chore to find, (Hi Anthem, we’re looking at you). Yoshi’s Crafted World makes finding items a joy. My only complaint is, I wish there would’ve been two more worlds. Five worlds is nice, but I would’ve put seven in myself.


The gameplay is simple, but has some depth to it. Yoshi can fire into the background and you can move the cursor, (I like that myself). Yoshi has his flutter jump and bum stomp. I would’ve liked a few more moves for Yoshi, but it doesn’t take away from the game. as far as the challenge goes, no, it’s not Dark Souls, but it isn’t meant to be. It isn’t a cake walk either. I have died a few times, especially when trying to find all the collectables. Not every game is meant to make you throw your Switch against the wall. Yoshi isn’t that type of game.


The music for Yoshi’s Crafted World is getting mixed reviews so far, but I personally like it. There are some cathy tunes, especially the main theme which is hum worthy. I guess it depends on your taste in music, it does have a more sublte approach to it.


More moves and worlds, I said that eariler. I also would’ve liked more uses for the outfits Yoshi collects. I know they add protection, but nothing else. I would have liked it if they had different functions. Some could help you jump higher, some could help Yoshi run faster, etc., you get the point. That’s pretty much all the flaws I could find.

Final Throughts

Yoshi’s Crafted World is one of the best platformers on the market. Some complain it doesn’t break new ground, but who cares! The gameplay is great, the graphics are beyond charming and the amount of collectables is astounding! This is a great single player experience, or you can have a friend join in for the fun. You will easily spend at least 30 hours finding everything. Yoshi is about having fun exploring giant levels with clever design, and Crafted World is a home run in that department. With fun boss battles and tons of collectables, you’ll spend hours having fun and smiling all the way.

My score: 10 out of 10. A glorious platformer that holds its own with Mario Odyssey. A must buy.

Nintendo Switch Will Own 2019

According to the latest NPD, the Nintendo Switch won March easily. Not only that, but the Switch had the best first three months this generation. Even over Sony’s 2018. Get this? We haven’t gotten to Nintendo’s really big guns yet. Imagine what’ll happen when Mario Maker 2, Pokemon, Animal Crossing and more hit the shelves. Holy cow! Slay it Nintendo!

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Nintendo Will Have the Best Summer in Video Games Ever

Summer is usually a slow time for big video game releases, well someone forgot to tell Nintendo that. The Nintendo Switch is going to be loaded with big exclusives like Fire Emblem, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Yokai Watch 4, Daemon X Machina, Astral Chain and the big one Mario Maker 2. That is from June to the end of August alone. I can’t remember a time when a console had so many huge releases in the Summer. Last Summer Nintendo scored with Toad Treasure Tracker, Mario Tennis and Octopath Travler. I think this smart, Nintendo is filling a void for gamers who are hungry for new content during the long summer months. Who says gamers don’t want to buy games during the summer? Look at how well Splatoon 2 has done, and it was released during the summer. Look for Mario Maker 2 to post similar numbers to Splatoon 2 when Mario Maker 2 releases in June.

I also predict Fire Emblem to post the biggest opening week for a Fire Emblem game and Astral Chain will become the next big IP for Nintendo. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and Daemon X Machina will do great and Yokai Watch 4 could be a Super Mario Party sized hit. What a line up of games! This will keep Nintendo’s momemtum going until the fall when four of the biggest titles of the year will be released. Pokemon Sword and Shield, Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Link’s Awakening remake.

What a brilliant strategy by Nintendo that I think will pay off in spades. Couple this, along with the big third party releases like Dragon Quest Builders 2, God Eater 3 Oninaki and Wolfenstein Youngblood to name a few. May the Gods have mercy on your wallet, because the Switch won’t.

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