Indie World Was Fire!

The newest video on TNT Big Show YouTube channel, talks about the latest Indie World Presentation. Was it good? Or bad? Video:


TNT BIG SHOW is our new name to give it more pizzazz and excitement. Anyway, this is breaking news being posted about here first! Retro Studios is hiring for an environmental artist! The posting is on their website, and it is a contract position. The listing mentions the position is for multiple projects. It isContinue reading “EXCITING RETRO STUDIOS NEWS! New Job Position Open!”

Nintendo Switch Dominates Japan! PS5 Failing?

The Nintendo Switch dominated Japan this week selling nearly 180k systems. The PS5 sold about 43k way down from last week. The Xbox Series X/S held decently sold over 4k beating both PS4 systems. The top-selling game Momotaro Dentetsu was no1 with 345k copies sold. Hyrule Warriors: AoC sold 173k copies and in 3rd isContinue reading “Nintendo Switch Dominates Japan! PS5 Failing?”

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