Nintendo and Square Save E3! E3 Review

I thought the E3 was ok, until late last night and today. Two legends Nintendo and Square destroyed it! Let’s rate their showcases.

Square: They started out with a bang with FF VII, and kept the hits coming. Final Fantasy 8 is finally coming! Oninaki, Avengers, new content for FF 14, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and more info on Dragon Quest XI. The games kept coming, they went on about Avengers a little too long and we could’ve done without the mobile games, but oh well. This was a great show. Square, you are getting great again.

Grade: A

Nintendo: Oh dear lord. From the second this direct started with the hero from Dragon Quest, to Daemon X Machina, Link’s Awakening, Panzer Dragoon, A new Contra, Spyro, Witcher 3, Astral Chain, Animal Crossing, Banjo in Smash and the new sequel to the Legend of Zelda Breathe of the Wild. One great relieve after another. It didn’t stop! Nintendo edges out Square to earn the best of E3. Tons of games and lots of fun surprises. This is how you do it.

Grade: A+

Overall E3 Grade B+, a slow start, but a strong finish. Nintendo and Square bought the goods. Microsoft get’s third place. They had a good show, but Nintendo won the E3 easily. EA, Ubisoft and Bethesda, watch Nintendo, Microsoft and Square, that’s how you do it! The E3 is supposed to be about games. Show us the games please! Enough with this nonsense of mobile games and TV shows. Give the fans what they want to see, bad hype can ruin your momentum.

Best of the Show: Nintendo. Games, games and more games!

Worst: Ubisoft. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz wake me up when they show actual game play and some actual games.

Biggest Surprise: Panzer Dragoon remake!

Game of the Show: The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

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E3 Grades So Far

The E3 is off to a mediocre start. Let’s grade the shows.

EA: Star Wars was ok, but it was snorevill after wards. FIFA 20 Legacy collection? Are you kidding me? More of the same with no surprises.

Grade: D

Microsoft: Lots of games with game play. This was a good show. Battletoads, Halo, Gears and Ori looked amazing. I wish there had been more game play and more surprises. Other then that, this was a solid conference.

Grade: A-

Bethesda: I love Bethesda, but this conference was painful. Too many sheep applauding like Todd Howard had a gun to their back and not enough game play. Doom Eternal looked amazing, Elder’s Scroll Blades and Wolfenstein Young Blood look amazing. Too much FMV and not enough gameplay. The biggest problem was how many mobile games they showed. We want console games!

Grade: D

Ubisoft: This was a disaster. I want my 75 minutes back! This was a joke. This showed how horrible a boring conference can be. A few decent games, but a TV show? Mostly FMV and no diversity. Too many shooters. I wanted to watch a video showing brain surgery. That would’ve been more entertaining than this disaster.

Grade: F

Save us Square and Nintendo!

Overall, the E3 has been below par. Why are companies focusing on TV shows, streaming services and new tech when gamers want games! Gameplay footage, not just FMV. These companies are way out of touch. Microsoft was good, they kept the pace fast and showed a lot of game. That’s how you do it!

Grade so far: C-

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