Some Sony Playstation Fans Are Loosing It

If you’ve seen a fake video claiming that Animal Crossing got delayed, well, it was made by a Sony Playstation fan who hates Nintendo so much, they decided to make a video to troll Animal Crossing fans. Why do this? Why troll fans of a popular game? This is the latest in the ongoing caseContinue reading “Some Sony Playstation Fans Are Loosing It”

Avengers Endgame Will Not Beat Avatar’s Global Box Office

After the start Avengers got, you would think that it would have beaten Avatar easily, but Endgame has fallen hard in six weeks and it looks like it is going to miss Avatar’s global box office record by 40 to 50 million. Some Endgame fans are so obsessed with Endgame beating Avatar, they are trashingContinue reading “Avengers Endgame Will Not Beat Avatar’s Global Box Office”

Toughen Up Marvel Fans

I’ve seen so many Marvel fans get so defensive over anyone who has GASPED! Dared to say Avengers Endgame isn’t perfect or it isn’t that good of a movie. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Get over it. The only thing you’ll do by insulting them or attacking them is make them dislike theContinue reading “Toughen Up Marvel Fans”

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