Astrail Chain First Review: It’s A Hit!

Famitsu Magazine awarded Astral Chain a 37/40 in their magazine. This is exactly what Fire Emblem got. This is a great start to a lot more 9s and 10s I think will becoming it’s way. Any game where you can play with a kitty cat on your head is gotta be a GOTY contender! Good going Platinum Games!


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Astral Chain Sales and Critic Predictions

Nintendo is on a roll with Mario Maker 2, MUA 3 and FETH being big hits. In 19 days, add another hit to that list. Astral Chain comes out August 30th and it could be a huge new IP for Nintendo. Here are my predictions for it’s sales and critical reception. Let’s go!

Critic predictions

Platinum Games usually get great reviews. Especially Nier Automata and Bayonetta 2. I can easily see Astrail Chain in the 88-92 territory with critics raving about the combat, the art style, the depth, characters and the scope. Some may criticize the game for the story, and some may not like the hub which looks to be complex. This will be a big critic darling.


Sadly, Platinum games don’t sell that great. Although, Nier Automata sold 3.8 million. Astral Chain could turn out to be their biggest hit. I could see Astral Chain hitting 4-5 million lifetime sales. I could see this selling 700-900k it’s first week and 2.4 million by the end of the year. America and Japan will be the 2 biggest markets, with Europe being 3rd. This could be a huge new IP for Nintendo and that’s great. Plus, it will give Platinum another big hit after Nier, sood news all around.

Platinum Games deserves all this success and I hope Astral Chain does do what I predict. Don’t sleep on this game Nintendo fans, giving Nintendo new IPs will help then grow and make more games like this. On August 30th, go out and get this game!


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Fire Emblem Three Houses: Critic and Sales Prediction

By Michelle Lynn Tackett

I was close with MUA3 and Mario Maker 2, so FETH is up next. I am gonna predict what I think FETH will get on Opencritic and how much it will sale in it’s first week and overall. Here we go.

Critic response

Fire Emblem is usually a favorite among critics and the early previews have been astonishing with reviewers gushing over the story, characters, combat and music. I predict the game will end up with a 93-95 on Opencritic with mostly 9s and 10s a few 8s and maybe 2 7s. I can see a few critics not liking the graphics and how the game takes a long time to get to the time jump, but with most critics, it won’t matter. The gameplay, story, music, characters and incredible length will blow most reviewers away. This could be an early favorite for GOTY.


I can see this having the biggest debut for a Fire Emblem game. I predict the game will sell the most in America and Japan, with Europe being the low point (which is saying a lot). I have first week sales at 1.7 million, and overall sales between 5-7 million copies. Fire Emblem has become a big franchise, but Three Houses will take it to another level.

Fire Emblem is gonna be an event game, and I can’t wait for new fans to play it. It is a great series everyone. Enjoy!

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Mario Maker 2 Critic Predictions and First Week Sales

My prediction for how Mario Maker 2 will do with critics and fans. Mario Maker 2 is the first of the real blockbusters for the Summer of Switch. Here are my thoughts on what the game will get with critics and how many people will buy it in it’s first week.


I think Mario Maker 2 will get a 94 on Opencritic. Critics will love the amount of content, the one player story mode, the creative courses, the multiplayer mode and the sheer amount of tools at your disposal.

Some will find a problem with the interface. Gamexplain has already went into detail, (maybe a little too much detail), on how it has been a challenge to adapt to the new format for Mario Maker 2. This is an adjustment because it is not on the Wii U anymore, so there is no second screen for the Switch. I think the lowest score this game will get is a 7. Out of 170 reviews, I see it mostly getting 9s and 10s, with reviewers being blown away by the massive amount of content and improvements this sequel makes. Some will give the game 8s and maybe a couple will give it a 7. Overall, a 94.

First week sales

Mario Maker 2 is doing great in the pre-orders, so it won’t be a surprise to see it debut big. How big? I think it could do Pokemon Let’s Go numbers. Around 3 million it’s opening week, with Japan and America being the 2 biggest markets. Fans will go crazy with the tool set you get and the multiplayer aspect. The marketing is great as well. This is getting fans pumped for the game. Mario Maker 2 is no1 on Amazon’s best selling video games. This game will sell over 10 million easily. It could crack 15 million by the end of the year. Do not underestimate Mario, many of us have made that mistake before, well not me, not this time.

What do you think? Do you think I will be right? Or am I off my rocker? Let me know with comments. Thank you so much for reading. Keep on gaming.


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Why Dragon Quest XI S Will Be the Switch’s Best Selling 3rd Party Game

Even over Mario+Rabbids. I think Dragon Quest XI S will replace it as the Switch’s best selling 3rd party game. Here are 3 reasons why.

1: Japan

Dragon Quest is bigger than Final Fantasy in Japan. This game could top 2 million alone in Japan. Dragon Quest is only behind Pokemon Smash, and Splatoon when it comes to popularity. That’s quiet an accomplishment.

2: No Ordinary Port

This is like a new game. It has tons of new content, I will name a few of the new features. A 16-bit mode, new story elements, full Japanese voice acting, new creatures you can ride on, a horse racing mode and full orchestrated music. I haven’t touched the surface of the new content in this version. It’s staggering!

3: It’s a huge RPG you can play on the go.

Those are very popular on the Switch. Games like Skyrim and Diablo 3 have done big numbers on the Switch. Also, games like Octopath Travler, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and the Final Fantasy games have done great as well. This will be an attractive game to those consumers who need a new RPG itch to scratch.

Square put a lot of effort into this game. The graphics are close to the PS4 version and there are so much new content to warrent a purchase, even if you’ve bought it on the PS4. This will also show people who don’t think 3rd party games can sell on the Switch just how big a game like this can be. Buy this game Nintendo fans!

Sales projection:

Japan: 2.2 million

Europe: 700k

America: 1.2 million.

Other areas: 200k

Overall: 4.3 million physical and digital.


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Nintendo Switch Passes PS4 Lifetime Sales in Japan During Goldenweek!

It only took the Nintendo Switch 2 years and almost 2 months to pass the lifetime sales of the PS4 in Japan. Famitsu’s weekly sales are up and the Switch sold 52,000 systems putting it over 40k past the PS 4 lifetime sales. Not only that, but the games are killing it in the sales. 24 of the top 30 games on Famitsu’s sales charts was Nintendo Switch games with a lot of 3rd party games in the mix.

Keep up the great work Nintendo! What a turn around from just 3 years ago. Imagine the games that could come to the Switch because of the hardware and software sales. Hey, Capcom and Sega. You need to put more of your games on the Switch. If you don’t, you’ll lose out on a lot of sales.


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Nintendo Switch Domination in Japan.

According to the Famitsu weekly sales, 21 of the top 30 sellers are Switch games. From first party games like Pokemon Let’s Go, Mario Party, Smash, Mario and Zelda. To 3rd party games like 2 Final Fantasy games, Dragon’s Dogma, Dragon Ball Heroes and Sword Art Online. The Switch is crushing it and anyone would be wise to bring their game to the Switch. Those who don’t, will be the losers in the end.

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