Nintendo Switch Dominates Japan! PS5 Failing?

The Nintendo Switch dominated Japan this week selling nearly 180k systems. The PS5 sold about 43k way down from last week. The Xbox Series X/S held decently sold over 4k beating both PS4 systems. The top-selling game Momotaro Dentetsu was no1 with 345k copies sold. Hyrule Warriors: AoC sold 173k copies and in 3rd isContinue reading “Nintendo Switch Dominates Japan! PS5 Failing?”

Godzilla VS King Kong Re Shoots: Should We Worry?

Godzilla King of the Monsters is a very good movie, but it isn’t tearing the box office up in America. The head of Warner Bros hints at the release date for Godzilla VS King Kong could be delayed so they can do re-shoots to make the movie, “better.” We’ve heard this before. Re-shoots rarely leadContinue reading “Godzilla VS King Kong Re Shoots: Should We Worry?”

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