Is Dune the Next Lord of the Rings?

By Michelle Lynn Tackett

Lord of the Dunes!

Lord of the Rings was a monumental achievement in filmmaking. No film had the ambition that LOTR had, and no modern movie comes close. Next October, Denis Villeneuve will attempt to make the next LOTR with Dune, the classic sci-fi book series that’s been a movie and a mini-series.

Neither captured the essence of the books. Denis has success doing sequels to classic sci-fi property with Bladerunner 2049. Which ranked no1 on my favorite movies of 2017, so Dune is in good hands.

One of Cinema’s Greatest Trilogies!

Dune’s Troubled Past

Past attempts to adapt Dune have failed miserably. Production and script problems ruined David Lynch’s version. David Lynch hates the movie so much, he disowns it and refuses to do a director’s cut. The Sci-Fi miniseries was a misstep the whole way. Does this sound familiar? Some fans argue that Dune is unfilmable. Similar to how fans of LOTR felt. Then, Peter Jackson came along and changed that.

Dune hasn’t been as relevant as Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. A great movie by Denis could change that. Dune has a huge fanbase, but tons of people have never touched the books. Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter benefited greatly from their movie tie-ins being huge successes.

Dune 1984 Ran Into a Lot of Problems

How to Make Dune Great?

Dune is a giant undertaking of a movie, and no regular director would do. Dune needs a world-class director. Choosing Denis was a great choice. Denis has done Prisoners and Blade Runner, so he has experience making critically acclaimed, visionary projects. Adapting Dune to the big screen isn’t the same as adopting a Marvel comic book. Dune requires more time to set the story up, whereas Marvel comics stories are universally known, Dune’s story is more complex and takes longer to tell. Denis should make Dune a trilogy of movies.

A TV series on Netflix or any streaming service would be the better way to go. Make four seasons with ten episodes each, and end it with a bang. Movies are restrictive by their time limit, so here is hoping Denis can find a way to condense the complex story and characters successfully. With LOTR, it was the scale that was hard to duplicate. With Dune, it is not the scale. It is the stories and characters that need more time to develop.

Blade Runner 2049 is Brilliant!


No book is unfilmable. Lord of the Rings proved that. Getting Denis was a great move. He has the talent to spin a complex yarn and make the audience care. His brilliant work with visual storytelling will help this version of Dune succeed. If Warner Brothers stay out of his way and let him make the movie he wants. Dune could be WB’s flagship franchise for years. WB, you have the keys to the golden kingdom, don’t ruin it.

Can Dune Be the Next Lord of the Rings?



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Great Overlooked Nintendo Switch Games

By Michelle Lynn Tackett

Games You Need to Check Out on the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has a ton of great games that gamers enjoy. Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Smash, and Luigi’s Mansion 3, to name a few. However, like any successful system, some gems get overlooked. These games are great, but they didn’t sell or get the attention that they should’ve. I hope you try these games out. They deserve more attention from gamers.

Astral Chain!

Platinum Games is one of the best developers in the industry. Unfortunately, their games don’t sell as well as they should. Bayonetta 2 comes to mind. A lot of people thought Astral Chain would change that. It was coming out in late summer, Nintendo put a huge marketing push behind it, and the reviews were stellar. That sounded like a recipe for success.

The game did sell over 1 million copies in seven months, but it should’ve done better. Anime art is crisp and colorful, combat is smooth, characters are unique, and the music is out of this world. If you are looking for a great action game for your Nintendo Switch, look no further than Astral Chain.

Astral Chain is one of The Best Games On the Switch!

Octopath Traveler!

Square/Enix has been one of the best third party supporters for the Switch. They have bought a ton of great JRPGs to the Switch, even a few console-exclusive ones. Dragon Quest XI-S was a timed exclusive, and Octopath was a console exclusive (it did come out to PC), so if you are picking up a Switch and you want an old-school JRPG to keep you entertained, Octopath Traveler fits the bill.

Some fans complained the story wasn’t in-depth enough, but that didn’t bother me. The art style is fantastic, the music is beautiful, the characters are memorable, and the combat is one of the best for a JRPG. For everyone who misses old-school Square/Enix, this game is for you.

I Adore Octopath Traveler!

Toad Treasure Tracker!

Toad is a beloved character in the Mario universe, so it wasn’t that surprising to see Nintendo make a spin-off game for Toad. Toad’s Treasure Tracker is a gem. The puzzles are engaging, the graphics are colorful and crisps, and the soundtrack is catchy and cute. This version of the game has DLC, get brand new courses, and level for only $5.00 on the E-Shop.

This game has it all for Nintendo fans.
It has sold well, but I think it deserves more attention and higher sales. Anyone picking up a Switch should check out Toad’s Treasure Tracker. It is also a budget title at $40. Anyone picking up a Switch should give this game a look. With diverse gameplay, tons of levels, puzzles, and great boss fights. Toad Treasure Tracker is a fantastic title for everyone.

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker is A Gem!

Sushi Striker!

Sushi Striker didn’t sell great because some fans said it looked like a mobile game. That is not true, and it shows they didn’t play the game. Sushi Striker has tons of content, so what the graphics look simple, this game is loaded with great content. There are tons of levels, with tough opponents, smart AI, cute music, and corny humor. I don’t know about you all, but that sounds like a winner to me!

Great puzzle games are hard to find, so Sushi Striker is a welcome addition to anyone’s Nintendo Switch collection. Sushi Striker isn’t a mobile game, and it goes on sale for $20 on sites like Amazon. Don’t pass up Sushi Striker. It is great.

An Underrated Classic!

Daemon X Machina!

There are complaints that Nintendo doesn’t do enough new IPs, that isn’t true. Astral Chain, Sushi Striker, Arms, and Daemon X Machina say hello. DXM is a stylized mech game with heart-pounding music, smooth combat, and intense action.

Daemon X Machina developed a cult fanbase who loved the game for its uniqueness. The controls take time to get used to, but they play like butter when you get used to them. That may have been the problem some fans and critics had with the game. DXM tried to be a mech simulator, and that wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Try it out for yourself and see if you like a mech simulation.

What A Cool Game!


Great games can get overlooked. Don’t let this happen! Great video games can get lost in the shuffle by bad timing, bad marketing, and lack of coverage by the media. If you own one of these gems, hit social media and try to convince your friends that these games are worth their money. Your next favorite game is right in front of you, but you can’t see it. Try to weed through the clutter and find that hidden gem.


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Why I love The Legend of Zelda So Much!

What A Wonderful Franchise!

By Michelle Lynn Tackett

The Mythology

The timeline is convoluted, (there are three timelines), but the core mythology is mesmerizing. Three Goddesses built the world of Hyrule, and made the Triforce to grant a wish to the person who has all three pieces. The three pieces are made up of, courage, power and wisdom. Gannon is power, Zelda is wisdom and Link is courage.

Three different timelines can be a bit confusing, but the clear story telling keeps the mythos from falling apart. This helped with future titles. Some title’s story takes place in one timeline, while another will be in a different timeline. It takes skilled hands to navigate multiple timelines and Nintendo has done a great job keeping the timeline from becoming confusing.

Link and Zelda’s Love Story (Sort of)

Forbidden love, or love that is close, but so far away, can be the most appealing love story for audiences. The Legend of Zelda has done this song and dance with Link and Zelda for nearly 30 years. They work together, they fight evil together, but they never end up together. Oh, the agony! Will Link and Zelda ever get together in a Zelda game? I hope so, but the chase is half the fun.

Link and Zelda are so Cute!

The Characters!

Every beloved series relies on memorable characters to keep audiences enthralled for generations. Zelda is no different. The gameplay is the queen in this game series, but the characters are so charming, cute, quirky, and sweet that you make emotional connections with them.

Link, Epona, Zelda, Impa, Gannon, Demise, Malson, Arbosa, Tingle, Beetle, and Marin. These are names that mean as much to Zelda fans like me as Luke, Han, Leia, and Vader mean to Star Wars fans. They have personalities, emotions, and great appeal. The appealing characters are one of the big reasons I revisit Zelda games over and over. They are like friends I want to see again in the game.

What a Wonderful Group of Characters!

The Memorable Moments!

From Link getting Epona for the first time to Zelda trying to help Link battle Gannondorf, the Legend of Zelda is chock-full of great moments that you want to watch, or experience, over and over again. Some moments are scary, funny and some are sad, but they will stick with you no matter what reaction you get from them.

So Many Great Moments!


I have been playing Zelda games my whole life. From the original to Triforce Heroes, and Breath of the Wild. There isn’t a Zelda game that I haven’t completed. I love going back to old Zelda games to relieve the great gameplay, great characters, story, and mythology. Zelda’s whole package is appealing to a generation of gamers. That is why Zelda endures over time. Other franchises can learn from Zelda.

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Nintendo Mini Direct Review!

By Michelle Lynn Tackett

Nintendo fans have clamored for new game information in 2020. Nintendo fans love their directs, and they want one now, so Nintendo started doing showcases with 3rd parties. They are short, but they showcase new games for the Switch. Nintendo fans have had mixed reactions to these showcases. They want a full-blown direct with info on BOTW 2 dang it! Not a mini showcase.

Nintendo announced a PMD (partner mini direct) for today, and I am going to review it. Was it good? Were there any big announcements at the presentation? Will Nintendo fans keep complaining? Let’s find out in my review of the PMD.

Monster Hunter Rise!


It isn’t even close. Capcom’s Monster Hunter games stole the show. New mechanics like the wire bug, which makes it possible to swing across bridges, canyons, and across the sky to the next destination. Some of the Quality of Life ideas from Monster Hunter World made it into MHR. MHR is coming out on March 26, 2021.

Monster Hunter Stories 2!

Capcom showed off another big game! Next up is Monster Hunter Stories 2. MHS2 is a sequel to the Nintendo 3DS game. It looks incredible, and I cannot wait to play it when it comes out summer of 2021.

The Best of the Rest

Disgaea 6 Has Been Announced!

Capcom wasn’t the only partner bringing the heat for the Switch. NISA announced Disgaea 6 was coming exclusively to the Switch in the West (A PS4 version will be available in Japan), Rune Factory 5 was up next, and it looked stunning. The final game shown was Ori and the Will of the Wisp, which is the only big announcement game that is coming out in 2020. 

The Low Lights

No direct is perfect, neither was this one. Fitness Boxing 2 seemed out of place. I think Nintendo needs to do Casual Direct Minis. That would fit a game like this. Sniper 4 Elites was OK, but it got lost in the shuffle, and Goldie and the Fortune Teller looked unique, but with MH, Disgaea 6, and Rune Factory, it got lost in the shuffle.


What a great showcase that will keep the excitement going into next year. A few games seemed out of place, and there should have been more games from this year shown, but some great surprises, good pacing, and updates on existing games made this a memorable showcase.

Grade: A 96


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Nintendo Switch Dominates NPD August Sales!

By Michelle and Shawn Tackett

Keep going Nintendo!

Remember the Anti-Nintendo trolls who said the Nintendo Switch would stop selling after a few years? Someone forgot to tell video gamers to stop buying the Switch because it keeps breaking records. According to Mat Piscatella from NPD, the Nintendo Switch broke an August record. The Wii set that record back in 2008, and the Switch broke the record. 


Why Gamers, Why???

Madden 21 was the no1 selling game for August. The game got review bombed by fans and critics, so what did gamers do to teach EA a lesson? They bought the game….??? The big news on the gaming front was how many Nintendo Switch games were in the top 20 sellers. From Animal Crossing to Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8DK, Breath of the Wild, and Luigi’s Mansion 3. Nintendo dominated the game sales as well.

What are your thoughts? Will Nintendo keep this record steak up? Or will the newer systems cut into their sales, (real answer, no, they won’t).

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Fans: Nintendo doesn’t have anything for the holidays.

Nintendo: Hold our Master Sword!

The Witcher 3 is A Smash On Nintendo Switch!

CDPR Is happy with how well the Witcher 3 is selling on the Nintendo Switch.

3rd parties who bring great ports to the Switch reap the benefits. According to CDPR financial reports. Profits are up for the quarter, and one of the big reasons is the success of the Witcher 3 on the Nintendo Switch.

Odd, I thought Nintendo fans did not buy adult games? (Bayonetta, Resident Evil, Doom and Skyrim say hi).

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Mr. Monkey And Mr. Hopper Seaaon 2 Is Coming! By Hyped!

Why Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is My Favorite RPG of All Time

Roleplaying Games are my favorite genre in video games. I love how you feel apart of the game. The stories, gameplay, and music help emerge someone in the game. You feel like you’ve gone on a real journey with your character. I have played tons of RPGs, from the best Final Fantasy games to Dragon Quest, and my favorite RPG series, Xenoblade Chronicles. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is my favorite RPG of all time. Here’s why.


I won’t give too much away, but Rex meets Pyra, who needs to get to Elysium. They meet memorable characters like Tora, Zeke, Poppi, Pandy, Nia, and Dromarch, to name a few. What makes the story incredible is the amount of depth and how the story presents different points of view. The story also deals with poverty, war, death, and philosophy. I watch the cut scenes over and over to soak in all the story bits there is to digest.


Look at those gorgeous designs!

I have never seen a game that has so many great characters. Nia is tough but has softer qualities too. Zeke comes off as the comic relief, but then he talks about how bad people have it. One character can seem hilarious one minute, and heartbreaking the next. More games need to give their characters this kind of depth.

Game Play

Gameplay makes or breaks a game. XC2 thrives with great gameplay and depth. It takes time to get used to the gameplay, but it is worth it. You combine elements and form attack chains. That is the base of how the gameplay works. There is a lot of depth, and some fans have been put off by that. There are tutorials to help the gamer learn the complexities of the gameplay. Once you get used to the gameplay, you will find it easy and accessible.


The soundtrack to XC2 is my favorite soundtrack in any video game that I have played. Even over Breath of the Wild’s grand music. From the quiet, peaceful tracks, to full-blown orchestras blaring out memorable beats. The daylight theme of Mor Ardain is my favorite. It is so royal and epic sounding.


I love the mythology of the Xenoblade Chronicles series. What I love about XC2 mythology is how complete the mythology is, but it is also easy to follow. They explain the blades and how they work. How drivers are chosen and how everything came into existence. It sounds like a lot to take in, but the layers are added a little at a time, so the player isn’t overwhelmed.

The Art Style

Look at that gorgeous landscape!

Each landscape has a gorgeous and unique look to them. I could sit back and look at the scenery for hours and not tire of the sights. The monsters are grand and scary. The titans will blow your mind. The landscapes will make your jaw drop, and the characters are memorable. The artists at Monolith Soft are legends, and this is my favorite art I’ve seen in any of their other games.

The Amount of Content

Fire Emblem Three Houses have a lot of content, but it has nothing on XC2. The regular run-through will take over one hundred hours. Then the game plus mode will take thirty hours, and the wonderful DLC Torna the Golden Country that takes over twenty hours to complete. That is one hundred and fifty hours of content, at least. Then there are all the blades to find and all the side quests to complete. If you want a content-rich game, XC 2 is the game for you.

Final Thoughts

I have played Xenoblade Chronicles 2 more than any game I have played in my life. Everything about this game is perfect. The characters, the music, the gameplay, and the gorgeous landscapes are awe-inspiring. I can play XC2 over and over again and not get tired of it. XC2 is almost at 2 million copies sold in the Nintendo Switch. Give this game a look and help it get over 2 million copies sold. That is why XC2 is my favorite RPG of all time. Buy this game now!

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Happy 3 Year Anniversary Nintendo Switch!

Happy third anniversary Nintendo Switch. What makes the Switch so good? It is a portable and a home console. What makes a system is the games. The Switch has lots of those. Let’s also talk about what the Nintendo Switch needs to do to keep the momentum going in the future.

Nintendo Switch Has Great Games

From Xenoblade Chronicles 2 to Fire Emblem Three Houses, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Link’s Awakening, Pokemon Let’s Go, Sword, and Shield, Mario Odyssey, Octopath Traveler, Astral Chain, Mario Maker two, and Breath of the Wild to name a few. What a lineup of games! The variety and exclusives make the library so good. Nintendo has had trouble with third party games before. They have learned to embrace third party exclusives and indie games. Tons of variety and lots of exclusives give the Switch one of the best lineups in gaming.

The Switch Is Versatile

You can play the Switch in handheld, tabletop, and TV mode. You can play with the Joy-Cons attached or detached. Take your Switch wherever you go and keep your game going. There are Switch owners who play on the bus, while they are in the doctor’s office, and on the bed. That is one of the main appeals of the Switch. People can play quality home console games anywhere they want when they want.

Best Controllers

The Switch has the pro controller and Joy-Cons. Both have their pros and cons. It depends on which one fits you better. The Switch does need analog triggers for FPS, but the built-in motion controls and IR camera gives a lot of versatility to the controllers. The design fits in your hand, and there are versatile options for those who like custom controllers.

Make the Online Robust

One department the Switch can do better is their online service. I like it, but some fans want to text achievements and invites. Nintendo can have a basic plan and a premium plan. Let the fans choose which version they want. Give them exclusive deals and games for being a premium subscriber. That would make subscribers happy and help the number of subscribers go up.

More Features

Nintendo, it is time to give the Switch folders, more wallpapers, internet, and Netflix. The Switch would be better if it had more features, and better UI. Give fans more features. The Switch could use more.

Final Thoughts

The Switch is my favorite System I’ve ever owned. The great games and versatile nature keep me coming back for more. I love playing it anywhere, and the games keep me engaged for months, or years after the release of the game. The Switch is my favorite System I’ve ever owned. The great games and versatile nature keep me coming back for more. I love playing it anywhere, and the games keep me engaged for months, or years after the release of the game. Get the Switch!

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